Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hello there, blog readers! Or random people! I like you all equally. Except for trolls. You, I'm not so fond of.

Anyway! Figured I should probably mention on this blog about my OTHER blog, dedicated to a project I'm putting together called MONSTROUS:

It will be a collection of prose/comics/poetry/art on body image for girls/women. Stories can and will be in any genre, open to any and all creators, published and not. At the link, in the first post, you'll find submission guidelines and other information.

I've gotten a lot of wonderful feedback, encouragement, and story submission so far. Feel free to share and repost wherever.

In other news: My husband and I are moving to Hamburg, Germany, at the end of November. It's a huge, exciting, change, and we're both terrified/thrilled. Life is weird but the way I figure it, you have to take opportunities when they arrive.

What else? Oh! I'm writing an EMILY THE STRANGE series for Dark Horse Comics called EMILY & THE STRANGERS. You should check it out when it hits comics shelves in January. :}

And finally: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I made a goblin mask out of toilet paper, Elmer's glue, acrylic paint, and ALL THE GLITTER.

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  1. You're moving to Germany? From California? That's a huge one..

    Do you know anyone in Hamburg or close to it? I can only imagine how difficult it would be without someone to give you a hand settling in..

    Well, if you have troubles adjusting with the language or some cultural differences, write about it - sure some of your readers might be able to help.. I know I'd try ;)

    Greetings from the southern part of your future country ^^