Thursday, January 9, 2014

Commissions Open, January 2014!

So, I have been given a table at C2E2 this year, which is rad. The only snag? Table is not cheap, nor is flight + hotel from Europe.

So! If I can get commissions and things pre the deadline of Jan 14th I may be able to attend! And if I can't, then I'll just mail you your piece with minimal shipping. If you'd just like it shipped, I'm open to that, too.

Also! Ready to ship pieces are already in my Etsy shop,

So, what do I draw? Well! Stuff like this: 

These piece are all up in my shop, originals and prints. Watercolor and inks.

So! Prices!

Full color original art: 

Postcard size (Like Lydia above) = $65

8 x 11 (like the Empress, top pic) = $150

B/W postcard size = $30

B/W 8 x 11 = $80

Shipping to the States is expensive, BUT, I can do a discount for $10. 

This would be for one character, more characters or limited color we can discuss. Email:

If you're looking for some cheaper options, I have prints at my Etsy.

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